July 24, 2005

July 24, 2005

Hey everybody! I got a room on my second day in Mexico City! That
beats my record of three days, set in the lovely burgh (sp?) of san
francisco. Plus, my place in sf didnÂt come with snoopy sheets. It is
in the Centro district of mexico city, which is in the center. also,
it is disgustingly close to the metro. all this for the equivalent of $140
dollars per mo. Also, I just had lunch with the guy
who lives in the next room over (he must pay more cause he has
strawberry shortcake sheets, swear to god). He made me realize
something very important about the spanish language. I donÂt speak it.
In time, in time. Everybody has been very patient with my deficiency
so far. I asked this new flatmate of mine what he does for a living
and what I got from his words was that he looks for
errors in the robot his company is making. I swear thatÂs what I
heard. IÂm gonna make an educated guess and assume I got it wrong.
LetÂs see, what else is notable. The weather is amazing, the metro is
astoundingly fast, and the altitude sickness I was supposed
to get has not surfaced.
Gastrointestinal status report -- fully operational. And IÂve eaten
stuff from
street vendors even.

Love Jason

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July 23, 2005

First Contact

Hi guys,

I`m alive. And the Metro cars look like gigantic carrot sticks. That`s
all i got so far.

love jason

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